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Egg Hatch Series


Easy to Operate Rack-in-Wall Setter-Having Outside Turning System

Setter-cum-Hatcher Machines


Capacity 15120, 30240, 45360, 60480 And More In Continue series. Pressed Laminated Panel, Independent Turning system In Each Compartment

Chickman Series (Hatcher)


Choice of Capacities - Possesses all internal components for the safety of food materials - Floor space free from obstacles for easy cleaning - Provides excellent ventilation for eggs and chicks - Steel Trolly, Light, in weight but Robust.

Chickman Series (Setter)


Cabinet Construction - Highly Durable. - Designed with extensive use of food grade material, including many Stainless Steel for internal components. - Independent Electric turning systems for Setter compartments. - Floor space, free of obstacles for easy cleaning.

Our Mission


We aim to provide the best of the best poultry services. For us customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. With Karamsar Poultry Equipments you are assured of top quality and most competent rates.

Our Vision


We envision to take the goodwill and reputation of the company to scaling heights. By offering customized services and products the company envision ourselves being known for our sincerity and righteousness.

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